Control Paste

Tonight, after a quick snip from my fabulous hair stylist Kevin (hey Kev!), I browsed the boutique to pick up a new container of my finishing product since you can only purchase it at their salon. Quite fittingly, considering my personality, the only product I deem worthy enough to touch my coif is called Control Paste. I was disappointed to learn that they were fresh out of stock. I proceeded to sniff and test each of their other similar products. Their pomade was too shiny and slick. No, I’m not a greaser. Their defining whip was too light. I need more hold! I had to face it, the Control Paste was just right! This brownielocks made the right decision and didn’t buy any product at all!


So friends, this turns out to be more than just a beautiful story about hair. This tale relates to clutter.  By this time in my life, at the ripe age of 22 (cough) I know what works perfectly well for my hair. If I were to cave and buy something that didn’t quite give me the desired results, I’d keep it because it was expensive and then I’d fume every time I opened up the medicine cabinet and saw it glaring at me with a smug look on its face. I’d refuse to use it out of principle, wouldn’t dare throw it out just to spite Aveda (my reasoning is not always air tight). Besides creating mental havoc on my morning routine, my medicine cabinet is quite small so where would I even put this below-average purchase?


These are all split-second thoughts you should process before buying anything new. Clothing, food, housewares, anything that you bring into your home needs to have a purpose and a defined result. Does the new clothing make you look and feel your best? Would you be happy to wear it as soon as tomorrow? Does your food promote health or feed a craving? Does your new set of towels have a place to live in your linen closet? Will you be discarding your old set of towels?


So have a chat with yourself (in your head, not out loud) before purchasing something that you might have second doubts about later on. Of course we all have to take risks with our purchases once in a while but hopefully your risks will reap a reward and not a bum mood.


With love, light and less clutter,


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