Menu Madness

We all know that nothing is free in New York City. Nothing is free except for MENUS! Yay! If you didn’t get 19 menus shoved under your front door last night, don’t worry because there will be at least 8 more piled on top of your Beef Lo Mein when your Chinese food delivery gets dropped off tonight. Maybe they’re doing their civic duty by personally keeping the paper business in full swing but they’re also keeping you neck-high in unnecessary clutter (which is redundant).  Try telling them on the phone to leave the menu out of your order and if they neglect your wishes, simply recycle the menu as soon as you get your greasy mitts on your to-go bag.

Drawer space is at a minimum in most kitchens so the less paper the better. I used to have a big clear folder where I kept all my menus as if it were a photo album and I could reminisce on each foldable delight. Food is not love! How many times have I heard that today? So chuck the menus and instead, visit one of many online options and bookmark your favorite spots. My personal fave is menupages. They have reviews, hours of operation and, of course, menus.

Now go treat yourself to an eggroll and enjoy your meal!

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