Rent or Own?

Do you rent or own your apartment? No, I’m not a pushy, thirty-something woman grilling my prey on a first date. I’m asking you this question because it dictates what we can and can’t do to your closets. 50% of my clients own their homes and 50% rent. In NYC it’s very common to rent an apartment for a year to five years and then duck out. Since there is going to be a walk-through from your landlord at the end of your tenancy, you’ll have to maintain your home in the manner in which it was rented to you. That’s why most people don’t go hog wild installing expensive and fancy closet solutions that will only get bequeathed to the next tenants with zero repayment to you. Hell, your building might even charge you for “disrupting the design of the original closet.” Curses!


This is where my favorite product comes in. I’m not a big promoter of pricy supplies from the Container Store but their Elfa systems are flat-out dreamy. Elfa can work in an office, bathroom, kitchen or closets. I’m a real fan of this drawer system because it can fit neatly into your closet to make use of the space under hanging coats or sweaters. When you move to a new apartment, it easily comes with you! Genius! What do I keep in my drawers? That’s private!! No, I don’t have the blessing of owning a linen closet so I store folded towels in my Elfa. I also designate one drawer for gym clothes. Another drawer, since this Elfa system resides in my coat closet, is for scarves and umbrellas. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this type of storage. Kid clothes, art supplies, food pantry, shoes, sporting equipment…Plus, this thing is a snap to put together, just make sure you have all the parts you need when you get to the register.


What would you store in your Elfa system?


With love, light and less clutter,


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