Product Shout-out!

Howdy! I’m not a huge fan of hawking organizing products but there are a few tried and true goodies that I depend on again and again in my business. One big selling point of a great product is versatility. If a product can be used for more than just one function, I’m sold!

Tonight I want to highlight the fabulous and flexible clear shoe box from The Container Store:

I personally utilize this puppy for sorting everything from undies and bras in my dresser to cheese in my refrigerator. Of course they’re perfect for shoe storage as well.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to work with a super fantastic client who wanted to streamline her linen closet which was filled with beauty supplies, hair products, first-aid stuff and lots more. I instructed her to buy a case of the shoe boxes. We removed all of her gels, solutions and band-aids from their original packaging and then went to town filling up each clear box by category. We added white labels to give further order to each box and stacked them back in the closet. Now, whenever she is searching for a specific item, she searches for the right label, can see the item through the clear plastic, pops a lid off the desired box and grabs it in a snap. Another added bonus to keeping all of her supplies in compartments is that when the boxes get too full, she’ll know that it’s time to purge old items because the lid won’t fit anymore.


So that’s my plug for a truly user-friendly product!

Take a look around your home right now. With the help of these great boxes, what could you categorize?

With love, light and less clutter!






Spring Cleaning!

Despite my insistence that I am not a house cleaner (not that there’s anything wrong with that – at all!), I fully admit that organizing and cleaning DO go hand-in-hand.
If you live in the New York area, you and every other non-housebound individual have enjoyed the super early Spring we’ve been blessed(?) with. Spring is a great time of year to clear out winter clutter that you can finally admit has no place in your home: hats we never wore, scarves we never sported, binders of soup recipes we never cooked up.
After you get organized, take a couple of hours to complete the below five Spring Cleaning chores. These are tasks that we normally overlook after the regular light dusting, toilet bowl scrubbing and rug vacuuming that compose our regular to-do lists. Enjoy!!

1. Clean your windows! Even a short fry like myself can do this. Wipe your windows clean from the inside with a simple Windex and rag combo. Now unlatch your window and pull it forward (you can even completely remove it) and clean the outside. Dust, grime, fumes, bugs, small children and animals might be stuck on those puppies. What a satisfying feeling to clean up and let sunshine pour in! If you have windows that do not latch open, you can buy a squeegee that adjusts to a 90 degree angle which will allow you to clean from the inside:;/Pro-Window-Cleaning44578?trackURL=nextag  When you’re done washing your own windows you can take your act on the road.

2. Wipe your bookshelves! Grab your ladder. If you don’t have one, borrow one from a neighbor. If you don’t know your neighbor, make a new friend. Go ahead, flirt a little! Here are some tips for the flirting:

Now climb up to the top of your bookshelf and use a damp rag to wipe away the dust, grime, fumes, bugs, small children and animals. Is one of your exes up there? Beat it, buster! If you have the time, wipe off the top of each book as well. Now, when you grab a book, you won’t be grabbing a year’s worth of nasty stuff along with it.

3. Scrub your fridge! I will admit, that even I, Clutter Cowgirl, have transported useless condements from apartment to apartment during a move. I have not used A-1 Steak Sauce in over two years but there it sits cozy in my fridge door’s holding cell. After I hit “publish” on this blog, I’m chucking it out. Go ahead and toss items that you haven’t used since last Spring. Now get in there with some soap and water, a sponge and paper towels. Wipe out the crusty veg from the drawers, the spilled OJ from the shelf and the stinky cheese droppings that didn’t start out stinky. Wipe down the containers you’re intent on keeping and put them back neatly in your clean, TV-ready fridge. If you want to be all natural about it, check out this link for cleaning your fridge, and many other household items, with vinegar!

4. Clean your oven! There’s a slim chance that heavy roasts and big old casseroles will be prime features on your Spring dinner menus. You won’t be using your oven for much more than storage this Spring so you might as well make it sparkle. Take the time to give it a really good scrub and then go play outside with your grill. This oven cleaner spray is non-toxic:

5.  Dust your light bulbs! This sounds silly but these suckers attract a lot of dust. Take a sock from your dirty laundry hamper and get to it. You’ll get brighter illumination (20% more according to this article: ) and you’ll probably sneeze less near your light source.
So hop to it, you don’t need to spend an entire Saturday doing this, you can break it up into a couple of days. Your home will feel lighter, brighter and more welcoming.
What are some of your quick Spring Cleaning favorites?
With love, light and less clutter!