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A friend of mine recently wanted to purchase my organizing services as a gift for his ex. “He’s never going to meet anyone with all that crap in his apartment!” As dire and dramatic as that sounds, my friend has a point.


I’m a big believer in the Feng Shui principal of nurturing and curating your home to allow for good energy to flow into your home and heart. When a bedroom is loaded down with papers, a bicycle, old food containers, dirty laundry and an overflowing closet, how sexy of a message does that send? It’s not only giving out the attitude that the bedroom (and other parts of the home) aren’t alluring to a potential partner, they’re not putting you in the mood for love because you’re overwhelmed and embarrassed by your mess.

Here are a few simple tips you can use to invite the idea of more love into your life:

  • When you can, set up your home office outside of the bedroom. I know how limited square footage (especially in big cities) can be. Having an office in the bedroom reinforces stress and reminds you that there’s always work to be done and it allows paper masses to migrate into the space meant for love and relaxation. If you have the room in your kitchen for a mini-office or a corner in your living room, consider setting up shop there. The bedroom should be for unwinding and for tickle fights.
  • If possible, remove any exercise equipment from your bedroom. These big, obtrusive, ugly machines tend to gather dust and they become a repository for sweaters, jackets, shopping bags and many other unromantic items.
  • Use lighting that is pleasing to the eye. Any lamps or overhead lighting need to be fully functional – no bulb-less wonders or broken pieces for you! Also, clean the lamp shades to let as much of that beautiful light into the room. Dusting will remove harmful allergens and it will create better mood lighting for all that canoodling you’ll be doing.
  • Position your bed so that you can move around it freely. Make sure to have a bedside table on each side of the bed: one for you, one for your partner. If you’re not currently in a relationship and hope to be, this sends out the universal invite that there’s room for someone in your life. A simple basket for magazines, books and bedtime materials can live under each table so that the top of the table can remain clear.

There are many other small and big changes you can make to your space. What changes will you make today?

Please feel free to click on the VIDEO link to check out my organizing tips for your sock drawer, if you have not already done so: VIDEO

With love, light and less clutter,


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