Q: What is a professional organizer?

A: According to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), “Professional Organizers provide information, products and assistance to help others organize to meet their needs. A professional organizer should guide, encourage and educate clients about basic principles of organizing by offering support, focus and direction.” Clutter Cowgirl also happens to be a sympathetic listener with a quick wit which both help tremendously when dealing with clutter.

Q: How much does it cost to get organized with Clutter Cowgirl?

A: Hourly and package rates are available. In an initial free phone consultation, we will pinpoint your needs and determine the rate that best fits your project.

Q: How long will it take to get organized?

A: Each client works at a different pace and each project poses its own set of needs, nooks and crannies. There is no finite way to determine how long a project will take so it’s fair not to guesstimate. Some clients meet for one or two sessions and then feel confident to move forward on their own with the tools and tips Clutter Cowgirl has taught them. Other clients benefit from many more one-on-one sessions with Jeni. It’s all a personal journey and each client has unique needs which we will discuss during our time together.

Q: What supplies should I buy?

A: Our initial session will only require that you purchase heavy-duty garbage bags for the fun purging that we’ll do. Being eco-friendly and cost-conscious, Jeni likes to use what is already in the client’s possession. Most homes already have many functioning supplies that can be repurposed. That said, new supplies can be crucial and we’ll compose a shopping list of products during our first visit. Clutter Cowgirl’s motto is: assess first, buy supplies second.

Q: How do we get started?

A: Just call 917-446-0955 or email jeni@cluttercowgirl.com to schedule your first initial free phone consultation. By taking that very first step, you’ll instantly feel motivated and ready to tackle your space. Looking forward to speaking with you!