• Jeni was gentle and supportive with zero judgement. I am sentimental and don’t like change but by the end of our session, I was throwing things out without Jeni coaxing me. She gave me useful but not overwhelming tips to maintain my new drawers and closet she helped to create. I’ll definitely be calling Jeni again once my baby arrives to organize his room and help refresh my wardrobe.
    Alexandra C., New York, NY

  • Thanks again—couldn’t have done it without you. I feel like such an incredible weight has been lifted—I feel like a new woman in my old apt! 
    Joanna L., NYC

  • Thanks again for the amazing help. I even feel calmer in the new space and less overwhelmed.
    Felipe E., Queens, NY

  • I’ve worked with Jeni for years, and I can attest to her genius. She’s calm, focused, filled with great ideas, and a true problem solver. She’s helped me develop easy organizational systems that keep working long after she’s gone.
    Sarah Dunn, New York, NY

  • Jeni Aron is a great find. She is smart, fun and gets to the point with no fooling around!
    Ronni Kolotkin, owner Ronni Kolotkin, Inc, Electrolysis, New York, NY

  • I can’t say enough about Jeni. She is amazing and really good at what she does! She keeps you focused and helps you stay on track when you’re working with her. I feel less bogged down by things and less attached to clutter and saving things. Again, Jeni is amazing!
    Joyce D., New York, NY

  • I wanted to thank you once again for all your fantastic organizing help. The improvements we made to my closets and rooms have worked very well to support better play, sleep and thinking. For the first time since I moved in 3 years ago, I feel like this apartment is actually working WITH me and not AGAINST me.

    Ajay, Brooklyn, NY

  • Jeni is super to work with! So calm and focused, the perfect combination!
    Kelly R., Brooklyn, NY

  • If you crossed Dorothy Parker with Felix Unger, you’d get Jeni Aron.
    Danny Fingeroth, New York, NY

  • Jeni’s easy-going, non-judgmental style had me at ease within minutes. I was actually having fun during our session!
    Laura Allen, New York, NY

  •  Jeni truly has a gift when it comes to organizing. In lightning speed she was able to come up with unique organizational for my living space and home office that I would not be able to on my own. I love the systems she set up for me. She literally created space where none existed before. Not easy to do in a NYC apartment!
    Laura R., Brooklyn, NY