Mail Mania

Despite the popularity of email, texts and Facebook messaging, we all still get paper mail on a daily basis. Most of my clients complain about how much of their mail seems to accumulate without them even realizing it. I made a fun and quick VIDEO highlighting my easy 3-step mail wrangling solution F.A.R.: FILE, ACT, READ.


FILE   Only file things that no longer require your attention but you know you need to keep for the long-term. Apartment leases, birth certificates, job reviews, love letters and notices from the state lottery informing you that you’re a millionaire are a handful of examples of FILE-worthy items.


ACT   These are pieces of mail that still need attention: bills to pay, your cousin’s neighbor’s dog’s birthday party invite to reply “NO” to, fruit-juice-of-the-month subscription to cancel. Anything that needs immediate action are things that go in the ACT pile.


READ   When you receive a magazine or catalog in the mail, leaf through it. If know you want to give it a more intense look-see later on, pop that sucker in the READ category.


When you tackle your mail on a daily basis and stick to these very direct and basic steps, you can save so much precious time and finally be able to enjoy more stimulating activities, like catching up on all 47 seasons of Dancing With The Stars. I won’t tell you who won.


With love, light and less clutter,