Sell it!

Hi Folks! I’m dialing in from the very chilly, very slushy, always fabulous NYC. Here in the city, aside from fashion and food, the conversation on a lot of lips is real estate. Whether you’re looking to rent a new place, buy your first home or sell your small apartment and upgrade to a new joint, everyone is in the game in some way. Organizing a space is extremely important when it comes to selling a property or renting a listing. Here are some reasons why decluttering your space will make your apartment more appealing to a potential renter or buyer:




  • Your space will look LARGER and LIGHTER!

Whether you’re living in the tightest studio or a five bedroom house, the main thing lookie-loos want to see is the potential of a space. It’s hard to see how roomy a place can be when magazines and books are crammed into a bookcase, dishes are piled in the sink, too many towels are jammed into a linen closet and kids’ toys are littering the living room.  With all that stuff purged or tucked away, your one-bedroom, one-bath will look like a castle. And have I told you about the LIGHT, Sheila? Well! With trinkets gone from window sills and plants contained to one spot, light can flow into a room with the ease of angels. Cue the harp.

  • Your space will be easier to clean between showings!

When you’re showing your home to the public, cleaning is obviously very important. Nobody wants to smell a funny smell or see a year’s worth of grime on a stovetop. They want to feel welcomed and they want to envision themselves living in your space. But it’s a big challenge to dust a piano with 27 framed photos on it. It’s a nightmare to vacuum a guest room with paperwork strewn about and it’s a down right nuisance to wipe down a bathroom counter with a zillion different bottles and jars populating the place. Clear out the stuff and cleaning will be a piece of chocolate cake. Mmm…cake.

  • Your space will be able to show off its goods!

Many homes have special features like crown moulding, hardwood floors and high ceilings. But how can you focus on the beauty of a space when the main focus is all that darn clutter? Clear out that negative stuff zapping precious energy from a home and help direct the attention to the glitter and magic that makes your space shine. Make it sparkle!


You can declutter on your own or you can hire a professional like me to help you get your place ready for an audience. It’s worth the effort! Many realtors say that organized listings stay on the market for a shorter amount of time and they get a higher asking price than cluttered spaces. Sell it, baby!

With love, light and less clutter,