Sneaky Storage

I work with clients every week who have massive apartments. Allow me to clarify, they have massive New York City apartments. That means, even with three bedrooms (a mansion in borrough terms), they’re still trying to find tricks to maximize their storage and have room for all their great stuff. That means that the rest of us with tiny apartments (one bedroom or less) are truly scrambling for fun ways to be creative with our space.


Part of what I do when I first walk into a new client’s home is I survey the situation, I come in with fresh eyeballs and mentally circle free space that can benefit the project. It’s like the reverse of those nasty sorority girls who circle new recruits’ body fat with a Sharpie marker. Or not, I don’t know, I’m fresh out of metaphors today. The point is, I see storage opportunities when the client is too deep in their own perspective to see clearly. And here’s an article about 10 clever storage ideas I contributed to for 6sqft, a blog about NYC real estate and related topics:

Even if you live in a large home where nobody lives above or below you (LUCKY!), you can hopefully find some value in these tips. No matter the size of our home, we can always benefit from some sneaky ways to tweak our storage and live a more harmonious life!


Love, light and less clutter…