Renting More Space

Hi Friends!
I’m going to brag for a second…I am lucky enough to live in an apartment that has a huge walk-in closet that feels like an attic. It’s so cavernous that I need a big boy ladder to get to the very back of it. It’s so spacious that I even contemplated renting it out to European travelers on Air BNB but friends convinced me that renting a windowless closet is kind of a cruel trick to play on a sweet, unsuspecting couple from Denmark.

ANYWAY – not all of us are lucky enough to have great storage space like moi. That’s why, after you’ve exhausted your residential resources and sorted through everything in your apartment and you’re not using it as a dumping ground, it’s actually very okay to rent a small off-site storage space. I highly recommend getting a storage space when going through a transition like moving, getting a divorce, expecting a baby, renovating your apartment or dealing with your sports equipment addiction (I’m sure there’s a Sports Equipment Anonymous meeting you should be attending right now). Do NOT use a storage space as a place holder for making real, honest decisions about your stuff but DO use a storage space as a short-term solution that fits into a larger plan.

Feel free to check out this fun little interview I did with Manhattan Mini Storage:

With love, light and less clutter,