Making room for bigger things

Hi Everyone!

I had the pleasure of appearing on my funny, wise and hilarious friend Kendra Cunningham’s podcast, “Tell Your Mother” where we discussed our opinions about stand-up comedy (I used to do stand-up, Kendra is still very much shining on stage in NYC). We also chatted about my path from having a corporate gig (plus the stand-up, plus Clutter Cowgirl) to being a full-time entrepreneur in the organizing world. I specifically spoke about being someone who used to juggle multiple jobs and hobbies/passions and knew that at some point, if I wanted to excel in one pursuit, other things needed to fall away to make room for success.

I’m realizing, a day after the podcast went live, that this idea of creating room for true focus applies to every aspect of a person’s life. It’s almost like a mathematical equation. There isn’t enough actual space in a schedule, in your mind, in a home, in your social life, to cram everything in and have a harmonious, peaceful, gratifying life. Something has to give so that the one job or the one piece of furniture or one extra coat can fit comfortably where it needs to go. This also applies to relationships, to daily to-do lists and to career goals.

We also discuss mindfulness and the idea of pressing pause on frivolous shopping. I was inspired by Ann Patchett’s recent New York Time’s article in which she discusses her year of no shopping. I’m not sure a whole year is necessary for me but I’m enjoying the practice and I’m halfway through my second month of not shopping. The piece is a great read (as all of Patchett’s writing tends to be – on a side note, if you’re looking for a beautiful, epic read, her latest novel Commonwealth is very engrossing). Kendra and I both agreed that becoming more aware of what and how we consume affects our mindfulness in general.



I hope you enjoy the listen!

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Tell Your Mother podcast:

NY Times Ann Patchett article: