Father’s Day


What a terrific weekend visiting my dad Upstate in New York and seeing friends and family for a variety of celebrations. My dad lives in the cutest two bedroom house in Andes, NY and he’s constantly paring down his stuff to live a more streamlined and organized life. After many years of collecting and storing his finds in his home, he is becoming more focused on the handful of things he truly enjoys doing when he’s not working. He has been upstate for about five years and his various interests (woodworking, reading, Netflixing, gardening, tinkering) are all contained in his one little cottage with care. I noticed a new labeling system he created for his records. IMG_8208

Sorting by genre works for him! It’s not micro organized where it becomes complicated and tedious, but it’s categorized enough where he can find what he needs. Nice work, dad! I guess that’s where I get it from.

You can ask yourself these questions to figure out how to pare down your own collections:

  1. Does this item still work? Is it functioning?
  2. Does this item still speak to me? Do I find meaning in this item right now, not because it’s a piece of nostalgia?
  3. Do I have something similar to this item and this is merely a duplicate?
  4. Do I truly need this item to make me happy in my home?

Happy Father’s Day to all the fun, silly, serious, organized, messy, loud, quiet, fat, skinny, sporty, nerdy and loving dads out there. We love you!



With love, light and less clutter…


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